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Wild Men in the Woods

Let's go into the wild!

Vrijwel altijd Nederlands gesproken

At Wild Men in the Woods, men will go into the woods, no matter the weather. It's a men's circle located in nature. We'll engage in a variety of exercises, including breath-, body- and emotional work. We'll create connection on many levels: with our bodies, emotions and purpuse. And with one another and the nature around us. Stories may be told, songs may be sang and tears may be shed.


The first time I was with a group of men in the woods, we emerged from the brush right next to two ladies sitting on a bench. For a second they were startled, but then admiration appeared in their eyes: Yes! These are real men, doing real men things!

Of course doing men's work is not at all about getting validation by others - or impressing women. And still, I think that in this moment, these women showed an intuition of seeing men doing the right thing.

It is a low-key event for one afternoon.

September 1 (Sunday), 12:00 - 17:00

The woods around Renkum.  

Free gift

Bedankt voor het opgeven! Je ontvangt zo spoedig mogelijk een mail met alle details!
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