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April 28 - May 1, 2025
Wild and Sacred Union
Glastonbury, UK

I want to thank you all to show up and share the most painful and shocking moments with us. I have learned a lot from you all and yes it is easy to love you, but you have showed me how easy it is to love myself...


-Michael Pellegrini

For the second time, Wild and Sacred Men and Wild and Sacred Women will organise the Wild and Sacred Union retreat around the festival of Beltane. The first edition was one huge success, which made a lot of connection, healing and love possible.

What to expect?

In once sentence: Wild and Sacred Union is a 4-day retreat for men and women. We start off together, then we will go our separate ways & do our own work and then we will come back together fully in our own power.

The main theme is the healing between the masculine and the feminine; both individual and collective. There will be ceremony, expression, inner work exercises and a whole lot more.

On top of all that, the nature and many sacred sites of Glastonbury - or Avalon - will greatly contribute to whatever work we will be doing. 

Note: This is not a Tantra retreat, nor is it exclusively for couples.

The program in more detail


Day 1:
We will all come together to connect and look into wound between the feminine and masculine, to get a good understanding of it. We will shed layers of pain and unsafety to unveil what it is that we long for in the connection between men and women.   


Day 2: 

The men will journey with Oskar to heal, remember and grow together in a healthy masculine way. The women will do the same with Margo, in a healthy feminine way. 

Day 3:

The men and women will start with with their own men and women group and at noon both groups will come together in a sacred union between the groups through a deep and heart-felt ritual. That day we heal, and remember and celebrate the two poles coming together in love and respect, in ourselves, in the group and in the great collective.  

Day 4:

Glastonbury celebrates Beltane, A Celtic Pagan festival that celebrates the union between the Feminine and the Masculine . We will be there , together, to see the sun rise on the Glastonbury Tor and dance the Maypole in the Chalice Well Gardens. A celebration of all the healing that has been done.


April 28 to May 1


Glastonbury, UK


€333,- single person

€600,- for a couple

(incl: a 4 day program, excl. transport to Glastonbury, accommodation, and drinks on the nights we eat out.)

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