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Hey Brother,

I want to invite you on an unforgettable journey in Ibiza. 

A retreat that will challenge, recenter and reconnect you.

Especially connection is so vital within the human existence. In Wild and Sacred Men, we work with three layers of connection:

🤍 To all layers of self

🤍 To the people around us

🤍 To something bigger than ourselves

During the Connection Intensive Retreat, we will be addressing all of these, in brotherhood, through various different practices.

The third day, we will work together with the women of the Priestess Intervention journey in a grand ceremony about the healing between the masculine and the feminine.

So, are you done with burning out, playing small, being stuck in mediocrity? Sick and tired of screwing up relationships, locking away all your feelings and/or running into the same wall time and again? 

Are you longing to go back to nature and remember the wild within..?

Well, this then might be just what you need:

☀️ 3 days with a PACK of men, brothers on magic Ibiza.

☀️ 3 days of stepping up with brotherhood to mirror, challenge and support you. 

☀️ 3 days of sharpening your intentions and embrace clarity and PURPOSE in your life

☀️ 3 days of connecting to your raw, healthy and wild masculine POWER.
☀️ 3 days of  clarity and empowerment, making clear what and who can count on your PROTECTION.

Here is a small taste of what you’ll experience:

☀️ Deep inner process work and transformation  

☀️ Grand ceremony together with women.

☀️ Ceremony and ritual to help you go deep into yourself

☀️ Warrior practices and sacred combat 

☀️ Brotherhood!

The rewards of improving connection:

🏅 Self-love, self-care and thus letting go of self-destructive patterns

🏅 Taking responsibility and stepping up in all relationships

🏅 Deep understanding and feeling of connection to Life; not feeling alone anymore

November 11-13th
Ibiza, Spain


€333,-  with accommodation included

€222,-  without accommodation

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Impression of last year's edition

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