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Wild and Sacred Men aims to connect men. Men who want improve themselves and consequently the way in which they relate to the world around them.

To do the work together with other men creates a deep sense of brotherhood: connection and belonging. In brotherhood we rise each other up.

At Wild and Sacred Men, we focus on using our bodies for expressing what needs to be expressed and we do so in closeness to nature.

We fight, we dance, we sing, we share - all together. As brothers.

Wild and Sacred Men is based in the Netherlands, but organises events throughout Europe.

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Thanks Brother!

Wild and Sacred Talk
Meditating in Nature



June 16:                 Vaderdag (vader & kind dag) (NL)

September 1:          Wild Men in the Woods (NL)

November 11-13:     Connection Intensive Ibiza (ES)


April 28 - May 1:    Wild and Sacred Union (UK)

What we do

As men we gather and as men we do the work.

During Wild and Sacred Men events, we will engage in different exercises and ceremonies that will aid us in our growth.

We create safe space in which we can express ourselves with all our doubts, insecurities and emotions. We do not look away from whatever might be lurking in our shadows. Together we hold the torch to face what we have been trying to hide from the world and ourselves, so that we may transform it.

By knowing that there's always a brother at our back will give us the courage and strength to take on everything.

We use techniques from different traditions. We express what is alive within us - with or without words. We use our bodies a lot; to breathe and to move. We'll sing, dance and fight. Whatever is needed. Never to overpower someone else, but only to empower ourselves and the other.

Our own wild nature and the nature around is play key roles in our work.

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Within no time in a respectful safe environment among men. It does not matter where you stand in life or where your journey starts, it is starting now!
Your choice. Back to the basics. Opening up, learning by doing, challenging and supporting each other, to go deep. Let go, of fear or burdons. Looking for edges, by tackling all the assignments (layers in you) together, as brothers.
Fully open, proud (of the work done) and energized back in society again. Independent, connected and in connection, knowing who i am and what my purpose or path is. Feeling the flame in me (again), makes me aware this is just a beginning of a journey.
Thanks brothers!




What can i say?
I was looking for ar a chance like this a long time, but never expected what changes it would bring to my life.
Day by day I was searching, hasting from one appointment to another. Forgetting what is important in my life. Risking to lose everything again. 
Feeling depressed and not worthy... all this stuff accompanied me every day.
Then i found this group of men. In the beginning we where all empty, power-/hopeless but then we started this journey which showed us what we are and what we are hiding behind a mask or habits... we have learned to accept and love ourselves. We have found ways to go forward and keep moving.
Personally, I have made definitely a change and know now what I want and what not. I am grateful for all this. 
I have not just met other men: i got new brothers and i am proud of every one of them!
Thanks a lot for this experience.



I was deeply moved by the openess, connection and support of the group. I found doorways through the practises we did, that released a lot of supressed emotion, but at the same time it felt safe to be vulnerable. I'm very grateful for this experience. 🙏 Also respect for Oskar, who makes it all flow natural. That's an amazing gift, brother.


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Credits for many of the pictures: Hans Glaudemans Fotografie


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