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Hey brother!

Spring is almost upon us and this is a great opportunity for a spring res
tart. To get totally set for the rest of the year. 

7 days we will commit to ourselves and we'll integrate to healthy habits. 

7 days we will encourage, inspire and empower each other. 

7 days with every day a new challenge.

7 days, 20 minutes a day!


Starting March 21st there is a live kick-off zoom call 8pm CET.

Thereafter every day a few minutes long video with a practice or challenge will be shared:

  • Physical 

  • Emotional 

  • Intellectual

  • Spiritual

  • Practical 

  • Magical

  • Relational 

We will share insights, struggles and accomplishments in a Brotherhood Whatsapp group to inspire, challenge and motivate each other. 

On 27th of March we end the week with another Zoom call to empower and celebrate. 


Sign me up! I am ready for Spring Power

Leave your contact information to be added to the Wild and Sacred Men Whatsapp Community.

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