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Rick Knops

For years Rick has been roaming around the world as a television journalist making in depth stories about people from all walks of life. From the Yazidis in Iraq to the Havasupai in the USA and from the Druze in Israel to the Hadzabe in Tanzania. With a sincere interest in others, being a good listener and knowing what questions to ask (or not to ask) at the right time, he created authentic and compelling stories on a wide variety of topics.


Currently working as a teacher Rick is always seeking to let the light shine in every child in a fun and genuine way. In general he loves to challenge and excite people and get the best out of them and thereby create loving mutual connections.


Over the years he has done a lot of inner work. Although the vulnerability and openness that came with it were challenging at times, it often led to very special, unforgettable moments in connection with himself and others. Something that is truly inexhaustible.

Rick will be co-facilitating the Wild Men's Journey

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