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Rising in Brotherhood

Rising in Brotherhood Switzerland

During this retreat in the woods near Reinach, we will forge brotherhood: by connecting to other men, who also dare to be sincere in their appearance, we find that we are not alone on our journeys. Each of us must do their own work, but by knowing that a brother has our back, we can take bigger steps.

We will challenge one another to be more than we were before we came. We'll grow together by letting go of old pain and breaking patterns of the past, so we can (re)discover who we truly are.

We will dive into sacred masculinity: what is it to embody our masculinity in a healthy and wholesome way.

We will engage in series of exercises that will help us connect to ourselves, one another and nature around us, including breathwork, bodywork, emotional work, dancing, sacred combat and stories around the campfire.

This retreat is co-facilitated by Marcel Kraibühler.

​What are the gains?

  • Deep connection in brotherhood

  • Breaking of old patterns

  • Personal leadership: owning your every decision

  • Transformation of "I can't" to the power to DO IT.

  • Finding bravery to step outside of your comfort zone

  • Connect to (your) nature

  • Embodying masculine strength

  • Giving space to raw emotion and learning to express it in a healthy way

  • Empowering yourself to be able to be vulnerable 


September 30th - October 1st, 2023.


Reinach (Aargau)



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