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The Path of the Wild Man

The Path of the Wild Man is a journey to free yourself to be free and wild again. Free and wild like a child - but this time as a powerful and responsible man!

So in fact, it is a path of remembrance. A path on which you will be challenged to grow. It is a path of personal leadership.

This is a path you will follow within yourself. Still, we will walk it together, as brothers.

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What can I expect?

During the Path of the Wild Man, we gather with a solid group of brothers for five weekends and we will conclude the Path with a magical journey through the Southwest of England.

Every gathering, we will work with another archetype and time of the year based theme that will aid us in embodying different facets of being a man.

Because this is a lengthier course, there will be a lot of focus on the integration of the insights and inspiration we will find during our time spent together.


By engaging in all this with group of the same brothers, we will have a deep-rooted sense of brotherhood.

It is amazing to live with the constant awareness that there will always be a brother who has your back and who knows you through and through.

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Dates 2025

☀️ January 18-19


☀️ Februari 15-16

The Warrior

☀️ March 29-30

The Wild Man

☀️ April 23-27  

Southwest-England Journey

The Knight and the Magician

☀️ May 31- June 1

The Father

☀️ July 12-13

The King


Early bird: to September 1st: €1497

Regular: €1777

Includes accommodation during the weekends and during the journey.


To journey together

Our first gathering will be about brotherhood.

In itself brotherhood alone already is a medicine. It will be the bedrock for the rest of our journey together.

In the dark of the midwinter time, around the fire, we will forge the connection between the men who will take on this path.

Brotherhood is what arise when men come together and open up to other men who also have come to grow together.

Whenever you share personal matters with other men, this creates a connection.

It is amazing to live with the constant awareness that there will always be a brother who has your back and who knows you through and through.


The Warrior

Defending boundaries

The Warrior is the first archetype who we will meet.

He is the one who defines, points out and defends what is of importance. He is not afraid to raise his voice and he is not afraid to say NO.

He is the one to destroy old convictions and stories that no longer serve. And he is the one to cut every chain that tries to bind him.

Close-up of a young handsome man with dirty face looks intently at the camera in a wild fo

The Wild Man

Connected to (your) nature

The Wild Man is deeply connected to nature and to his instincts. He moves with the elements and embraces the magic of life.

He won't be defined by society's expectations of those of others and he draws from his own primal power.


The Father

Support and refuge

When the Warrior embodies the primal NO, the Father embodies the primal YES.

He deeply cares for what is dear to him. He supports life and gently provides direction.

He is a true pillar of strength.

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The King

Personal leadership

The King embodies healthy masculine leadership from the heart.

The King knows what he wants and acts accordingly. He strides with dignity through life and is constantly aware of his goals.

The King is no tyrant. He fully realises that true leadership lies in being of service to the whole.

The King transcends the old story and comes to realise that he has been able to transform the setbacks in his life into strength. 

He has been able to alchemise the lead of life into his golden crown.

The Knight

The Magician

Being of service and manifestation

During The Path of the Wild Man we will journey through Southwest-Engeland.

This area is full of sacred places such as hills, groves, wells, waterfalls and temples. Most of them are connected to the legends of King Arthur and his knights.

The Knight is an archetype that brings many qualities together: serving the greater good, courage and purpose. When the Warrior often has to stand up against threats, the Knight fights for what he believes to be good.

The magician wears Merlin's face. He is the wise man who remains calm and knows what to do.

He understands the workings of the universe and is able to align the inner and the outer world.

I want to tread this Path!

When you feel that The Path of the Wild Man will bring you to wherever you want to be in your life, sign up!

Because it requires quite some commitment, feel free to CONTACT us before making any decision.

When you have decided that this is what you want, please send a motivational letter to

This letter should at least include the following:

  • Who are you?

  • Why do you want to tread the Path of the Wild Men?

  • What would you like to learn or develop?

  • Is there anything within yourself you feel hesitant to have to look in the eye during the path? Any "growth edges"?

  • What are your expectations?

  • Do you have any injuries or dietary wishes that need to be taken into account?

Let's walk this path together, brother!

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