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Wild & Sacred Union

Beltane edition

April 28th - May 1st

Glastonbury (UK)

Both men and women face their own sorts of challenges and wounds in life, but between the masculine and the feminine in general a lot of healing is possible.

This retreat is a collaboration with Wild and Sacred Women. We will start together as a mixed group of men and women, but we'll go our separate ways in the next day. The third day we will come together again - more empowered within our masculine and feminine strength.

Note: this is not a Tantra-workshop. Neither is it couples-only, although it is possible to participate as a couple.

Beltane is the Celtic fertility festival that celebrates the union between the white masculine and the red feminine. On the British Isles this is celebrated at May Day, its meaning mostly forgotten despite the symbolism of the rituals. In Glastonbury people remember and it is quite the celebration.

Glastonbury is often associated with the mystical island of Avalon from the legends of King Arthur. The town and the lands around it are full of sites that are sacred to Christians and Pagans alike, such as the remarkable Glastonbury Tor, from which the White Spring originates and the Chalice Hill with its Red Spring.

The final day of the retreat we will partake in the town's celebrations.

Investment & signup:

Regular€ 333,-

Couple-discount: two tickets for € 600,- 

Excludes accommodation, includes two diners (potluck for the first night)

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