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Wild and Sacred Men in the media

On this page an overview of Wild and Sacred Men appearences in the media, as well as a list of the Wild and Sacred Talks

Wild and Sacred Men in the media
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KRO-NCRV: Zin in Morgen

with an episode that features a WASM men's circle. (Dutch)

This episode was broadcasted February the 25th of 20023 on Dutch national television.


Met 'Sacred Combat' op zoek naar het wezen van mannelijkheid

The article that appeared in the online magazine of  Zin in Morgen. (Dutch)

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De Verbroedering


I was invited as a guest in episode #8 of De Verbroedering, a Dutch podcast about conscious masculinity and brotherhood.



Personal weblog

I have been writing pieces every now and then on this weblog for over ten years. It is named after one of the Celtic deities: Lugh, the sun god, who is also nicknamed Samhildánach, the one of the thousand talents.

The link directs to the keyword 'masculinity', though there is much more to be found there.


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Wild and Sacred Talk

Wild and Sacred Talk

Issue #5 : 20-02-2023
* Article:storytelling
* Tw
o reports on past events and an
Issue #4 : 31-01-2023
* Article: masculinity in the 2020's
Issue #3 : 11-01-2023
* With an article about knighthood
Report on Rise a Knight event

Issue #2 : 06-11-2022
* Report on the Rising in Brotherhood retreat
Issue #1 : 24-09-2023
* Article: What is men's work and in what way does Wild and Sacred Men distinguish itself? 
* Report on the kickoff-event, Wild and Sacred Experience


Wild and Sacred Talk is Wild and Sacred Men's newsletter. Apart from updates on events and stuff, it contains serious content such as reports, articles and pictures. Down here an overview of the Wild and Sacred Talks so far.

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