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On this page you'll find all the Wild and Sacred Men journeys; multi-day events outside of the Netherlands.

Rising in Brotherhood (Switzerland)

During this retreat in the woods, we will forge brotherhood: by connecting to other men, who also dare to be sincere in their appearance, we find that we are not alone on our journeys. Each of us must do their own work, but by knowing that a brother has our back, we can take bigger steps.​

We will dive into sacred masculinity: what is it to embody our masculinity in a healthy and wholesome way.

We will engage in series of exercises that will help us connect to ourselves, one another and nature around us, including breathwork, bodywork, emotional work, dancing, sacred combat and stories around the campfire.

September 30 - October 1
Reinach (CH)
Luchtfoto van de kust

Wild Men's Journey

This year's Wild Men's Journey is to the beautiful Croatian island of Korçula.

October 17-21

More info will be available soon

Purpose, Power, Protection

3 days with a PACK of men, brothers on powerful Ibiza.

3 days of connecting to your raw, healthy and wild masculine POWER.

3 days of sharpening your intentions and embrace clarity and PURPOSE in your life
3 days of stepping up with an amazing brotherhood to mirror , challenge and support you. 

1 day shared with sisters (Priestess Intervention)

Support charity.

November 11-13
Ibiza, Spain
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