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Brotherhood Circle
+ Facilitator Training

Let's get brotherhood going!

Life is complicated and messy. How to deal with our fathers, children, partners, colleagues? How to handle all these emotions? Why has everyone around me their life in order, but not me?


All questions so many men struggle with. But rarely they share about it, because they were taught to be strong...

But the time of the lone wolf is over! It's time for men to come together in brotherhood instead of competition. Let's rise each other up! We can figure it all out together in brotherhood.

Brotherhood Circle + Facilitator Training Greece

The 6th of October, there will be a physical Brotherhood Circle, to experience what it is to be in a safe place, where you can freely express yourself without worrying about being judged. We're all in here in honesty with all our insecurities. We're in here to grow together and help each other rise.

There will be many different exercises as well; physical, breathwork, embodiment and more.


If you feel right now - or after the Brotherhood Circle - that you need more brotherhood in your life, and that you are willing to carry that torch, you can choose to join the online Brotherhood Circle Facilitator course.

In this training, you will learn the tools to set up and run your own men's circle. After the Brotherhood Circle, there will be three online meetings. You will experience brotherhood yourself and then learn and practice the basics of facilitating this yourself.

You will be challenged to start before you are ready!

Do you feel the call? 

Will you be the one calling more brothers in?


a. In-person Brotherhood Circle

b. OPTIONAL: Online Facilitator Training


​a. October 6th (Sunday)

b. OPTIONAL: Dates of the training will be determined in agreement with the participants


a. €77

b. OPTIONAL +€50


Sign up!

Join the Brotherhood Circle! 

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